Friday, 19 February 2016

Showing some Gratitude

Hi there readers.
Today I want to talk about showing and receiving gratitude. It is something some people don't do enough of and some do to much of and don't get noticed.

A few weeks ago I had a really bad pain and depression day and I posted stuff on facebook. I got a lot of supportive comments and many great and helpful suggestions. One came from a girl (should really say woman) I went to high school with and the other someone I have only met in person once MANY years ago. They both offered to help with some essential oils for me to use in my baths, which help with the pain and ache times.

I was really bold over because I cannot afford to get these oils but they are so truly helpful and SMELL sooooooooo great! I felt a little like I was taking advantage, so I felt a little present for each of them would be in order. Then I had to figure out WHAT kind of present!
I came across my jewelry making stuff and whipped these up for them. It didn't cost me anything except time and they both got a love unique custom gift.

Again Thank you both for your help.

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