Thursday, 7 January 2016

Recurring Miscarriage of Justice.

Hello readers and welcome to some thing I have found that I wish to share.

Over the last few weeks I have been making my way through some documentaries that some me very worried and disappointed with society at large.

I have been interested in criminology for a very long time and have watched and read a lot of information on serial killers to your one time killers.  Most of the documentaries I have watched have been the account of the crime and the killer's mental state, alone with the subsequent punishment of the crime committed. Lately, however, many documentaries that I have come across have been about the false incarceration of someone who did not do the crime.

An Unreal Dream: The Mike Morton Story
The Central Park Five
Making a Murderer
Stories from Death Row
West Memphis Three
Death By Fire

It is disturbing that with all our science and irrifutable evidence that is discovered and authenticated by specialists that appeals courts and other law agencies deny wrongfully convicted men their chance of freedom again and again. The system needs to change in a massive way.


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