Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The corruption of wanting to heal people.

Hello readers, another fine day to share some thing I have found for you.

It has been said for a long time that our society doesn't have a justice system but a legal system, with loopholes and twisted laws that haven't been address for centuries as times. 

The same can really be said for the medical industry. 

At it appears the foundation to both these industries would appears to be greed, agenda and reputation. I cannot work out though it is because we have allowed this to happen, or if we have just all been hoodwinked for decades and just never been the wiser to what has been happening behind the curtain. 

I recently came across an eye opening documentary called The Widowmaker which talked about the increasing epidemic of heart attacks in the USA and how two life altering breakthroughs were made in the early 1980s and how industry ended up using these two breakthroughs.

In all honesty it is rather scary how Health Care has been come a commodity and what treatments get to the people that need it is what will make the most money for the companies developing it. Doctors are also paid by these companies to use their products and endorse them over other methods that could be just as effective and in many cases preventative for future ill health.

Then there is the argument of health cover and health insurance, which I really do not want to go into because it affects me directly at the moment. Public health resources should not be so difficult to get, it really shouldn't. Currently I have to wait 4 weeks to see an orthopedic surgeon about a serious knee injury which I was told 2 months a go would heal up fine in 4 weeks. I can't even get a second opinion because all the other orthopedic surgeons work in the private sector, which means they won't even see me if I do not have private health cover.

Health care as a commodity...

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