Thursday, 10 December 2015

Music and Memory

I watched Alive Inside: A story of music and memory today and my mind is BLOWN! I ended up rather emotional at the end of it as the concept of what was being discussed in the documentary resonated with me.

I had seen a very small part of the story a few weeks back when researching Dr Oliver Sacks. After Dr Sacks' death in August 2015 I decided to actually listen to one of many of his books, which lead me to listen to more of his books. Dr Sacks discusses why there is this response with elderly with dementia and listening to music that they would have listened to in their younger years.

The ever so talented Bobby McFerrin was interviewed as part of the story with a clip that astounded me. The clip was from a conference called Notes and Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus held at the World Science Festival held in 2009.

Before I was even finished watching Alive Inside I was looking for this stage discussion. Thankfully due to the internet and the desire for information to be shared and spread I found the whole discussion. Now this isn't a stage show, but it does open with Bobby demonstrating his amazing talent and then going into scientific discussion. The discussion might get a little boring for some but as I have a fascination with neurology it was quite fascinating for myself.

Highly recommend watching Alive Inside: a Story of Music and Memory and also watching the Notes and Neurons: In Search of a Common Chorus talk.

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