Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Start of Sharing

Welcome reader.

For many years I have watched documentaries and researched various topics. In fact this has been since I was as young as around 10 years old. This was well before the internet was around, especially in South Africa. As you can imagine the method of research and quantity of information was very different from what I am able to achieve in today's technological advancements.

Also, I am dyslexic, which for many can make life a bit different when trying to learn in school environment. Although school was not easy for me, I was able to find independent topics outside of school and methods of learning the information I was finding. Most of the information for topics was acquisition from libraries in my younger years. Today the quantity of information comes from books, websites, videos, interviews, documentaries, blogs, etc. Which is wondrous for me. I am hungry for information and knowledge.

I get told a lot that I should go and study if I like learning so much. What people don't realize is, much of the information I discover through my research is not delivered in learning institutions like college and universities.

The purpose this blog, is to share what I discover through the various topics with other people. From time to time I meet people and through discussion I start explaining some thing of a topics that they thought that knew everything about, and they come to find that there is more to this topic.

As I mentioned I am dyslexic. In the simplest terms it means I don't read to well. I can read and write rather well, however I spell things very wrong or I use the wrong word some times in the wrong place when writing. When I am reading I do not decode that I am reading very well. Academic information has no visual context for me, I can not create a picture in my mind that I am able to when reading fiction. Just because I am dyslexic though does not stop me from wanting to find out how 'things' work. For much of the academic non-fiction information I use a reading program that reads the content out to me, which helps me acquire all the content rather that just bits and pieces that would otherwise happen if I sight read the information.  The BEST content I have found is engaging documentaries.

It is hard for me to explain what a good engaging documentary is as I usually have to watch a documentary. If after watching I do further research on the topic delivered, this means that I found it engaging.

I will be sharing various topics and I hope you find something of interest.

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